Town of Greene ~ Vital Records

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Marriage Intentions forms, Birth, Death & Marriage requests forms are available on the "Printable Forms" page.

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  Births                     Deaths                     Marriages

1730 - 1839                      1730 - 1839                         1768 - 1855

1764 - 1891                      1764 - 1891                         1842 - 1891

1768 - 1855                      1768 - 1855                         1871 - 1891

1819 - 1904                      1819 - 1904                        




Applications for a search and information for purchasing a certified copy of a vital record are not available at this time. To obtain a current application, call the Town Office at (207) 946-5146 and we can mail, email or fax one to you.


If you need further assistance, you may email Carol Buzzell at and I will try to help in any way I can.


Cemeteries in Greene

Old Valley Cemetery - on right side of Route 202 when headed north towards Augusta.

Greenwood Cemetery - on right side of Route 202 when headed north (next to Old Valley)

New Valley Cemetery - on left side of Route 202 when headed north

Peare Cemetery - on Lane Road

Morse Cemetery - on Morse Cemetery Road

Rose Cemetery - on North River Road

Mower Cemetery - at the corner of Quaker Ridge Road & Hooper Pond Road

Sylvester Cemetery - on North River Road

River Road Cemetery - on River Road