Boston Post Cane

Since 1909
Boston Post Cane

The Boston Post Cane is a symbol to recognize our oldest living citizen. The Boston Post Cane tradition was established in 1909 by the Boston Post Newspaper. A special cane was presented to the Board of Selectmen in 431 towns in New England. The recipient holds the honor as long as he/she lives within the town. For more information on the history and tradition of the cane, click here.

To provide for preservation and public awareness of the tradition and protection of the cane from loss or damage, the cane remains at the Greene Town Office.

If you would like to nominate someone to be recognized for this honor, please contact the Town Office.
If you have a photo of a past recipient that you'd like posted on our website, please email it to

Current Holder:

Claire Collins

Past Recipients:

Mildred Rideout

James Nesbitt (2014)

Helen Johnson (2014)

Elizabeth Smith (2013)

Mildred Covell (2011)

Barbara Nelson

Verna Coady

Mary Bubier

Esther Ray

Sadie Phinney

Florida Caron

Marie Bedard

Isabelle Coburn

Hattie Rose

Florence Wheeler

John Bates

Anne Field

Issachar Lane

James Tibbetts

Merton Fogg

Alvah Merrill

Winfield Wilkins

Cyrus Bates

Oliver Caswell

William Longley