Greene History Facts

Learning about our town

The Town of Greene was named after Major General Nathanael Greene.

In the Broadway show "Hamilton", Nathanael Greene is mentioned in the song "Right Hand Man" by George Washington.

Nathanael Greene is also the namesake of a submarine. It was commissioned in the 1960s and was in use until the 1980s. The sub was scrapped in 2000.

USS Nathanael Greene

Aaron S. Daggett (born in Greene) died at the age of 100 on May 14, 1938, making him the last surviving brevet or full, substantive rank Union general of the Civil War.

Aaron Daggett

The inventor of the diving suit, Leonard Norcross, was raised in Greene by his aunt (he was born in Readfield). He also patented several other inventions.

Norcross' diving suit at

More on Leonard's life at

Leonard Norcross

Greene got a stagecoach line in 1814. Transportation services expanded with the stagecoach line established by Thomas Longley on the old Post road between Portland and Augusta.

The town of Greene first got telephone service in 1921.

(Source: Mower, Walter L. "Sesquicentennial History of the Town of Greene, Androscoggin County Maine: 1775 to 1900 with some matter extending to a later date.")

Greene celebrated its bicentennial in 1988.