Spirit of America Award

Honoring volunteerism
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The Spirit of America Award is given to an individual or group to honor outstanding volunteerism.

The Spirit of America Foundation Tribute is presented in the name of Maine municipalities – and starting in 2020, the Spirit of America Foundation Education Tribute is presented in the name of Maine school districts – to local individuals, organizations and projects for commendable community service. Since Alma Jones received the first Spirit of America award from Augusta Mayor William Burney on Nov. 26, 1991, the tribute has been presented at 500+ ceremonies!

Some residents of Greene were honored with this award in 2012. Click here for photos of the event.

The Town of Greene was honored again in 2017 with a Spirit of America Gold Distinction award. It is awarded for consciencious actions and admirable efforts aiding volunteerism. Click here for a photo of our award.

Visit the official website for more details. If you know an individual or group who should be nominated, contact the Town Manager or Selectmen.

Spirit of America 2012

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