Code Enforcement



Permitting Process & Procedure

  1. All permits/applications for land use must be picked up at the Town Office.
  2. All permits/applications must be filled out to completion. Assistance can be provided by the Code Enforcement Officer (CEO). Town Office staff does not offer assistance of this nature.Once the permit/application is complete, the applicant must make an appointment for review with the CEO. The application will be dated by the CEO at the time of review.
  3. All permits/applications MUST be seen by the CEO first. No exceptions.
  4. The CEO will have the authority to grant/or reject any or all applications within their authority.
  5. If an application is rejected the applicant has the right of review by the Greene Appeals Board.
  6. The Planning Board/Appeals Board follows all State statutes and local ordinances. A copy of all local ordinances are available at the Greene Town Office and on this website.
  7. If the applicant is denied by the Planning Board the applicant has the right to appeals through the Greene Appeals Board.
  8. The Appeals process has a separate application and procedure which is available at the Town Office.
    Effective 3/28/2001

Building Permit Application (New)
Plumbing Permit Application
Subsurface Permit Application

If you need further assistance, please email or call the Town Office and ask for Code Enforcement.




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For more information, visit the Planning Board page and/or the Selectmen page.